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Welcome to Soldier's Bakery, where we're passionate about providing the best organic homemade dog treats made in the USA. Our story began with a mom's love for her 10 grandpups and a dedication to their health and happiness. Just like a grandmother would want to bake goodies and treats for her grandchildren, Founder Toni wanted to make healthy treats and cookies for her many grandpups.


She believes that dogs deserve the same quality and care in their food as we do. That's why she sources only the best ingredients for our treats, ensuring that every bite is filled with wholesome goodness. The name of the bakery came from her upcoming German Shepherd puppy. As a tribute to her new protector and love of making dog treats, she named her bakery after Soldier. 


Our team is made up of dog lovers who are committed to providing the best treats for your furry friend. We're proud to be different from our competitors, as we prioritize your dog's health and happiness above all else. Thank you for choosing Soldier's Bakery, and we can't wait for your dog to try our treats!

Meet the Team

Our team isn't just made up of humans, as we need expert furry testers to make sure assure our treats passed quality control. We always know our treats have meet the taste test when the dogs start salivating and drooling.

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